How To Remove Acrylic Nails: The Easy Guide

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Acrylics look great on nails, they’re long and powerful , but when it involves removing them, some people do not know how. Indeed, acrylic isn’t removed with nail enamel remover sort of a regular nail enamel , so you’ve got to file the nail or melt it in acetone. However, filing too intensively could damage the nail and if you do not file enough, you risk having uneven acrylic patches on your nails and pure acetone is just too aggressive for the nails. So here are 4 methods to remove acrylic nails without damaging them.

How To Remove acrylic with a hand or electric file

Suzie from Nail career Education explains you step by step the 2 techniques to get rid of acrylic without damaging the nails. the primary one, with manual nail files, the other with an electrical nail file. Use the electrical file technique as long as you master it well. If not, i counsel you to get rid of the most important spare the electrical file and to end with the manual file to avoid damaging your nails. do not forget that it takes 4 to six months for the nail plate to grow back completely, so it’s worth spending 5 minutes more to end filing by hand than 6 months expecting your nails to become healthy again. When unsure , leave a really thin layer of acrylic, it’ll not show when growing back.

Removing acrylic by melting it

Melissa from Easy Nails shows us two other methods to remove acrylic, still without damaging the nails. The first is to use pads soaked in an acetone-based solution such as thinner that contains nourishing oils or simply by soaking the nails in the thinner and then scraping gently with a wooden cuticle pusher. Acrylics do not blend well with gel nail polish, so be patient or use a file to finish the job.

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