4 simple tips to improve your focus

Written by Milabro

Our mind tends to ramble when we are tired or stressed.Some easy-to-apply techniques help us regain control.You have been trying to focus for an hour on a task to finish, and you can not hold more than 10 seconds? As soon as you hear a noise, you mind is ramblin? At the slightest occasion, are you watching cat videos on the internet?Not surprising.
According to a study conducted in 2015 by the giant Microsoft, our focusing average is eight seconds, less than a goldfish. Here are some techniques to refocus your concentration and finish (finally) what you started.

Turn off screens

The first step is, of course, to get rid of our main sources of distraction: internet, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc …To focus 100% on something, put the devices on silent and turn off the internet box. There are also applications that help you by blocking access to social networks for a programmable period of time.

Make a break

hen you feel you can not move forward, it’s useless to insist and disperse for hours. Instead, take a real break of a few minutes and change your mind. Think about insomnia: it’s better to get up and read a book on the couch rather than turn around in bed. The result is the same because you help the brain to disconnect a moment to better reach its goal later.

Avoid multitasking

Even though we feel like we can do five things at once, a 2010 study cited by Health proves us no.
Eating a sandwich while talking to a friend over the phone and replying to a work e-mail is not a good idea.
biologically, the area of the cerebral cortex that manages this type of activity can be divided into two, but not more. It is, therefore, better to limit yourself to two tasks simultaneously, and not three.

Practice mindfulness

Adopt reflex meditation when you feel your concentration flanks. Take a deep breath through the nose, think of the air that enters your lungs, think of the air that enters your lungs, to your shoulders that rise slightly, to the movement of the voting chest, then exhale through your mouth and feel your body slowly emptying. This technique improves mental performance by attaching ourselves to the present moment instead of letting our spirit disperse.

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