5 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog At Ease

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The vacations are probably the most anticipated time of the year! They are a sign of rest, relaxation and escape. For everything to happen in the best conditions, you have to organize everything and think about everything before leaving. And when you decide to go on vacation with your dog, the organization must be even more rigorous. Here are five tips for going on vacation with your dog.

Do not change your eating habits.

If humans can adapt to new situations, especially during vacations, it is not necessarily the case for dogs. A change of location or diet can be alarming and have an impact on his health.

If your dog is fed with industrial food, it is necessary to keep the same food brand for his well-being. During vacations, it is also preferable to feed your dog simultaneously as during the rest of the year.

If you plan to go on trips and hikes with your dog, it is possible to invest in foldable travel bowls. These will allow you to provide your dog with the food and water he needs at any time without taking up too much space.

Ensure his safety

Another essential thing: don’t neglect your dog’s comfort and safety while on vacation. This starts with the trip. He must be comfortable to travel. You should provide a crate or carrier.

To ensure a safe car ride, a harness may also be necessary. This equipment fits into the seat belt of all vehicles. During the trip, the dog should not be left unattended for its own safety and that of the passengers.

The regulations concerning the travel of animals on public transport vary from city to city. To avoid any problems during your vacation, it is best to find out beforehand.

Putting your pet at ease

You should also consider taking your dog’s basket or blanket to remind him of a familiar smell. This will reassure him.
In the same spirit, you should take along objects that are familiar to him and that he appreciates and reassure him: toys that he regularly uses, for example.

To feel comfortable, a dog needs to have objects near him that remind him of his daily life. With his things, the dog will feel reassured in this world that he does not know. Don’t forget all the essential accessories for walking your dog: his leash, his harness, his collar with a tag that includes your contact information… Keep in mind that most municipalities or public places require that dogs be kept on a leash.

Do not neglect his health.

Throughout the year, you must take care of your dog’s health, but even more so during vacations. You should bring everything you need for first aid: compresses and bandages in particular, and above all, don’t forget the indispensable tick remover. There are also first aid kits specially designed for travel.

Before leaving, you should check that your dog’s vaccination record is up to date. Indeed, some countries require a valid vaccination for animals entering their territory. To avoid inconveniences and have a pleasant vacation, especially during a stay abroad, it may be wise to treat your dog against parasites. Finally, don’t forget to put your dog’s health booklet in your travel bag. It will be helpful in case of an urgent appointment with a veterinarian.

It would help if you also adopted some excellent habits: rinse your dog after a swim in the sea to remove sand and salt that will irritate his skin, and the same after a day spent in the snow.

Taking out insurance for your dog

Taking out a dog insurance policy can be very useful to go on vacation with peace of mind. A dog insurance policy will cover some or all of the expenses incurred for the dog’s health. It helps to reduce the costs of pet health care such as medication, veterinary visits and possible hospitalizations. Thus, if the dog is sick or has an accident during the vacation, the insurance can cover the health expenses.

Civil liability insurance (compulsory for all owners and tenants) can also intervene if the dog causes damage to a third party or damages the vacation rental furniture. For this, there is only one obligation: to have informed your insurer that a dog was part of the household. These two measures allow you to leave with peace of mind with your pet.

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