What Does ofc Mean When You Are Texting? – acronyms and Their Meanings

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Of course, every one of us have heard the silly question: what does ofc mean? This internet slang term simply means “of course.” Of course, it could also mean “of course you agree.” However, as the short form of this phrase, OFC clearly indicates that an action is almost definitely going to take place, or at least be assumed to be so. In other words, using the words “of course” often shows that you don’t really believe what he is saying, but you just want to look cool doing it.

The use of this term has actually become quite common. Most people know what an acronyms stands for, but many just don’t know what the actual term means. However, most of them have heard of acronyms such as WTF (what exactly is that), and SOS (stands for ” SOS button”). Therefore, you can see how easy it would be to incorporate these two popular abbreviations into normal conversation, if one wanted to.

So, now that you understand what an acronyms is, what does ofc mean when you’re texting? The short answer is: Almost anything you want to say, using any short cut, or combining any two words to say one thing. Of course, you don’t have to use just any short cut. You can use the internet to find out some neat abbreviations that you can use in your texting, and even integrate them into regular speech. Here are some examples of funny internet slang for you to enjoy:

. I AM SORRY. Probably the most used of all the acronyms, and probably the one that has the closest meaning to what does ofc mean when you’re texting. What’s great about this one is that it’s a double pun, but only a double pun. Like ofc means sorry, it also means oh my God. So, instead of saying “I’m so sorry”, you can just combine the two words to say “I’m sorry for everything you’ve done to me”.

. I AM NOT SORRY. Another short form for I am not sorry, although sometimes it can sound a little more formal. This one can be incorporated into any number of conversations, starting with simple “you’re not supposed to be” type sentences. It can also be combined with “your life will be empty without me”.

. WHY IS IT ROLLING SO MUCH? This is a slightly longer form of what does ofc mean when you are texting, although it is still fairly widely used. The short form “why is rolling so much” or “what’s so weird about this roll” are far less commonly used, as well. One notable exception would be if the person was talking about the wheels on their car.

. I LIKE ROY CHEVRO. This is a common typo in what does ofc mean when you are texting. The spelling is “roy chevrolet” and it is an acronyms for a rare French pastry. This one should never be used in a normal conversation, because if you use it one time, people might start thinking you’re from France or Canada.

There are many other shortened acronyms and spelling variations of the most popular ones listed above. If you’re having trouble coming up with a term that describes your problem, try looking up some slang dictionary articles or looking through forum discussions. Many people have come up with words and terms that describe certain types of situations, or events. If you can come up with an acronym for what you are going through in your texting conversations, then you probably have found the solution to your problem. Good luck!

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