Things About Squid Bob That You Would Know

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One of the most popular game shows on television, Squid Bob Poker, gives hopeful wannabees the chance to show off their poker skills for big money. Hundreds of eager contestants sign an invitation to play in live children’s contests for an alluring prize, but sometimes the stakes are too high. Some players lose their dreams and walk away from the game before they hit the big time. Others learn the tricks of the trade and go on to make a name for themselves in the poker world.

Even with a poor performance during its first season, Squid Bob Poker was still able to garner a solid following. Viewers continue to tune into this game to see if Bob or his competitors can keep the lucky number that they’ve been given. The game is not just fun for the lucky few who get the number “1,” it is also a great opportunity for many viewers to learn some poker strategies as well. This second season promises even more fascinating things about Squid Bob poker. Below are some of the hints for fans who want to experience something new when watching this game:

What’s the deal with the number 1? – Season one featured the game’s most unlikely candidate, Squid Bob, as the number one bidder. His bid of five hundred dollars set a record for the lowest price ever paid for a game show prize. People were astonished when they found out that the game’s real winning bidder was a boy namedhonored front man Wilbur. Fans had to be wondering, was Wilbur really the front man? Yes, he was and he is still alive and kicking.

What happened to Number Two? – Wilbur’s competitor for the million dollar prize was a boy named Todd. Todd won the million dollar jackpot three times, and then he quit. Nobody knew why, but Todd returned to Squid Bob’s world and revealed that his real name was Gary. Things got even weirder when Gary started winning again and he won a million dollars in the second season.

Why is Gary still alive? – When Todd quit, people assumed that he would die a horrible death in the game. As it turns out, he was just very good at hiding his identity, which is how he got the job of being the front man. It was later revealed that the real identity of the real winner of the Squid Bob lottery is none other than Wilbur. Wilbur is now the true front man and he is still quite popular with the kids.

Is Mr. Ging Yoo still a favorite character? – Since Wilbur’s role as the front man earned him a lot of popularity, many viewers wanted to see what happened to Mr. Ging. Sadly, he passed away, but not before many viewers got to know him as Ging Yoo. However, he is still very much alive in the hearts of many viewers and he will be seen in future episodes. Until then, we can just enjoy his antics and learn more about Squid Bob and its many mysteries.

What happened to Jim? – Was he really dead or was he just temporarily paralyzed? We won’t find out the answer to this question until the second season of Squid Bob has come to an end. One thing we do know is that Jim is now an employee of the G.R. Company. He and his brother have to struggle along with the rest of the employees to earn their living.

What are your thoughts on Squid Bob and the things that you have learned so far? Have you seen any of the pictures from the first episode? Do you think the writers really succeeded in giving us some great twists and turns? You can join the conversation in many discussion boards and forums on the internet. There are many viewers who would love to hear what other fans have to say about this popular and exciting animated sitcom.

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