How to Change Display Name on Robalox Games

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How to change display name on roblox games is actually very easy. It’s fairly obvious and simple to find out how to do this, but I’ve seen some people struggle when they finally try to make it work. The first thing that you should do is go into the “My Games” section of your roblox account and look for the title of whatever game you happen to be playing at the time. You’ll see a blue button on it that says “Change User Name”.

how to change display name on roblox

Once you click this button, it will take you to a page where you can change display name. You simply have to click on the “New” tab before you get started. This process works for all of the games that are on your account. You can’t go back to a previous choice if you change the name. This means that you need to remember which name you changed it under in the first place, or you might end up selecting the wrong option when you try to play a game again.

I’d like to point out one last time before I conclude this how to change display name on roblox game tip. If you find a game that you really love, you may want to clear your username from the game settings. There is usually a row at the bottom of the settings that lets you do this. The great thing about this is that you won’t lose any data from doing this, and it’s usually easy to access since it’s usually right underneath the name. This is also helpful if you want to create a new account that has your old user name, so you can use it across all of your future games.

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