A Brief Introduction To Moroccan Recipes

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moroccan best recipes

Moroccan food has been voted as the best recipes of the world. Some of the best restaurants of this country also serve this delicious food. The taste of Moroccan food remains unchanged for many years. The spices used are simple yet so rich that they bring exotic flavors to your taste buds. Some people make use of different kinds of recipes for different occasions. The main ingredients used are the same for all these recipes.

The Moroccan kafta

The “kafta”, is a type of rice dish famous all over the world. You can prepare this dish with lamb or chicken. It is prepared by mixing basmice with white sauce and then cooking it in an iron skillet. In some regions, this is the most popular dish for chicken or lamb.

Maaslem Recipe

“Maaslem” is one of the most popular dishes. It is made from chick peas in clay oven. It is a healthy dish as it contains no fat, calories or cholesterol. It is also considered to be a national dish. Some of the most popular dishes include “Biryaniya” (braised chicken), “Hamma” (Arabic rice), “Risotto” ( risotto – Italian rice), ” couscous” ( couscous – French food), and “raklada” ( Moroccan bread).

“Oysters and rice” is one of the famous Moroccan dishes. This dish comprises of rice and cooked oysters. It is very popular in Morocco. There are different types of Oysters used in this dish.

“Bread and butter” is one of the Moroccan recipes which is becoming quite famous throughout the world. The recipe is very easy. You just need to use whole wheat bread and butter. You can prepare this dish either with or without salad.

The Moroccan Couscous

There are many more dishes in Moroccan cuisine. Some of them are ” couscous ” (which is wheat flour), “barbeque chicken” and “Risotto ” (dough). The best recipes have their own style and taste. The reason why people love these dishes is that they are prepared in a traditional way. They are healthy and yet are delicious and easy to prepare.

Some of the famous dishes include “Amani masala” (or any kind of meat or fish in a spicy sauce), “halibut stew” and “chickpea salad”. These dishes are very popular and are available at all local food stores. People also love eating “green peas” which is made from roasted green peas. You can cook these dishes in front of your friends and family and have wonderful fun enjoying each other’s company while enjoying this sumptuous traditional meal.

Various types of Moroccan’s meals and dishes

There are various types of meals and dishes. You can try making “Argan” and “Magh” dishes. The Moroccan recipe for “Argan” has almonds, walnuts and a mixture of other spices. This dish is best eaten when it is raw or when it is marinated for an hour in an olive oil.

The Moroccan recipe for “Magh” is a popular dish in Morocco. The main ingredients include but are not limited to tahini, garlic, coriander, black pepper and salt. The dish is best eaten when raw and it should be enjoyed with cold water. You can use cold water in a wooden bowl that has been covered with muslin. If you make use of a plastic bowl, the dish will be too bitter.

Zaherb ul Hamri Recipe

If you want to try your hand cooking “Zaherb ul Hamri” then you should use fresh ginger, garlic, lemon juice and salt. This dish is very popular all over Morocco. You can marinate the meat in yogurt for an hour and cook it. When cooking the garlic, you need to make sure that you crush it very finely so that it gives a flavor to the dish. The dessert of “Nuskebade” which is usually made with dates and pistachios is considered as one of the best desserts in Morocco.

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