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Among Us Online Free

Among Us Online Free is a multiplayer browser game. It is a free game and it is accessible to all of us today because it is an online application that runs from your personal computer and is completely free of charge. The story behind the game is actually quite simple. In order to establish peace among us, our government had appointed a few select people to serve as our watchdogs and protectors.

Group of Impostors

One of them was a group of impostors who were dressed really well to impersonate legitimate Coast Guard officials. They had the job of looking out for any unauthorized activity by the coast guard. Their real job was to stop anyone from harming anyone else while they themselves went on shore duty to man their coast guard bases. But one day they got bored. And apparently the rest of the crew was as well, for they soon began to plan various impromptu attacks against the other crewmates of the “watchdogs”.

Some of their plans included sinking a ship full of Chinese immigrants attempting to migrate to the US or sinking an oil rig that was being used by drug runners. However, they weren’t done there yet. Apparently they also wanted to try their luck at robbing a big warehouse filled with weapons and arms destined for the international terrorist organizations. But this was among the most unplanned of their activities and as a consequence there were now millions of downloads of the Among Us Online Free game that the game’s developers anticipated would be full of people who were trying to avoid the impostors.

One day the captain of the security team of the guarding duty noticed that his two security crewmates had begun acting strangely. One of them seemed to be going out more frequently and he suspected that it was just because they had been invited to a party. The other was acting indifferently towards the entire proceedings, not responding when the others tried to get answers from him. It so happened that among us players in the game the player assigned to guard the warehouse was none other than Osama bin Laden!

The captain then confronted his two crewmates who claimed they had no idea what the fellow was doing. They then proceeded to steal the equipment belonging to the captain and left him to fend for himself while they continued on their own way. This prompted the captain to go on a mission to find the two crewmates and to interrogate them about their association with Osama bin Laden. After getting solid proof that the two men were indeed connected, the captain then sentenced them to ten years in prison for providing help to terrorists!

Although in the beginning, it may have appeared like the security team of the mentioned game didn’t deserve to get put to prison, as they were only two low level employees, there are actually deeper reasons why these two should’ve been apprehended and investigated properly. According to the US attorney general, the two imposters were working with a terrorist organization which was planning to attack the New York Stock Exchange. The investigation has resulted to the finding that these two men were part of a planned attack which involved five other crewmates. This has made the two men amongst the biggest scams that ever happened within the gaming world.

Upon further inspection, we found out that there are two big players in this multiplayer game which include a big name in the world of entertainment, EA and NCsoft. It is evident that the two defendants in this case played these online games just for fun which they later became accomplices of the wanted persons which committed crimes. This has caused great harm not only to the members of their crew but also to innocent gamers around the world.

These impostors will most probably still continue their illegal ways even after being found out. This is the main reason why we strongly advise all gamers not to trust anyone who claims to be a crewmate or a friend in an online multiplayer game while he is actually a spy or a hacker. There are more than a hundred of such crewmates and friends which have been caught by the law already. As long as these people continue to operate, the numbers of others will increase which will eventually pose a serious threat on the personal safety of every gamer.

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