Broholmer The Danish Mastiff Cost

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The Broholmer is large and powerful, with a loud, impressive bark and dominant walk.. He will be an excellent guard dog but especially a wonderful companion dog for the whole family.It is large and powerful, with a loud, impressive bark and dominant walk.

His identity card

Name Broholmer.

Group: Group n°2: Pinscher and Schnauzer type dogs, Molossoids and Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs. – Section n°2.1 : Molossoids, mastiff type. Without working proof.

Height at withers: about 75 cm for males and about 70 cm for females.

Weight: between 50 and 70 kg for males and between 40 and 60 kg for females.

Color: the Broholmer can have a fawn coat with a black, golden red or black mask. White markings can be found on the chest, on the feet or at the end of the tail.

Coat: Broholmer’s skin is short with a thick undercoat that gives it good protection.

Coat maintenance: the maintenance of the coat of the Broholmer will not be complicated: a weekly brushing to maintain the protective qualities of its skin will be advised.

Body: of considerable size, very imposing. It gives a strong impression of power.

Head: the head of the Broholmer is massive and broad, its skull is wide and flat, and its stop is little marked.

Eyes: Broholmer’s eyes are round, medium-sized and amber in color (light to dark).

Ears: The Broholmer’s ears are medium-sized, set high and fall against the dog’s cheeks.

Tail: The Broholmer’s seat is saber-shaped, drooping and sets low. When the dog is active, the tail may be raised slightly to reach horizontally but never curled over the back.

Life expectancy: about 11 years.

Spending requirement: essential.

Note: The Broholmer is a very calm dog but still needs to be stimulated to feel good. He will love to spend time with his family and need owners who are available to meet his needs.

You should never adopt a Broholmer and leave him in the garden to watch over him: this would make him a depressed dog.

Possible activities: long walks, tracking, obedience exercises adapted to his size, etc.

Apartment life: possible.

Note: Apartment living will be possible for the Broholmer if all its needs are met. However, being a giant dog, it will still be necessary to offer him a home adapted to his size so that he does not feel cramped.

Compatibility with children: possible.

Note: Broholmer will love to be in the presence of children towards whom he will be very affectionate. However, its large size requires rules to be respected so that possible playtime does not turn into an incident.

Cost of acquisition: it will be necessary to count on average 1000€ to adopt a Broholmer inbreeding.

Monthly budget: you should count on average 70€/month to provide for the needs of the Broholmer while offering him quality food.

Cohabitation with other animals: possible.

Note: the Broholmer will be able to get along very well with other animals, especially if it has been well socialized from a young age.

Robustness: the Broholmer is an exceptionally robust dog because of its build and its coat, which gives it excellent protection from both cold and hot temperatures.

Its history

Originally from Denmark, the Broholmer was initially used to run deer. Later on, it was used more for its guarding qualities, thanks to its very dissuasive physique. The Broholmer takes its name from the Count of Sehested de Broholm, who participated in developing the breed at the end of the 18th century.

Its character

The Broholmer is a calm and very balanced dog. He is friendly but remains a watchdog, so he knows how to be vigilant in front of the unknown. It is a dog very close to its social group that it will have in heart to accompany daily in many activities. Faithful and affectionate, it is an XXL dog with a seat on its paw.

Its education

The Broholmer will not be a difficult dog to educate if the education is initiated at an early age with methods that respect positive education principles. Despite its large size, it will never be necessary to enter in conflict with the Broholmer, in which case the relation master/dog could suffer from it.

Its XXL size requires good control of this dog, in particular in leash, not to let itself embark at the time of the ballades, for example.

Its possible health problems

The Broholmer is not known to have any particular predisposition to certain illnesses, apart from possible risks of ear infections due to its floppy ears.

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