Computer Too Slow at Startup? How to speed it up in 2 min.

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Is your computer slow at startup? It is long at startup. Would you like to discover a little secret so that your PC or Mac computer doesn’t slow down at startup? Yes ? That’s what I thought.

For 10 years, I used a PC every day and every day I had to turn it on and wait for all the programs to load… That’s a lot of booting up, isn’t it? That’s 3650 to be exact! Today, I still continue to work on a computer but fortunately for me. And my computer doesn’t take 3 hours to start anymore, because I learned a very practical trick that I’m going to share with you today to get rid of this slowness at startup.

Here’s how I do it under Windows to speed up the opening of my computer (it works for a laptop as well as for a desktop): 

How to do it ?

1. Click on Start > Run and just type “msconfig” in the field. 

2. In the window that opens, I click on the Start tab and uncheck the software I don’t want to open at startup. Obviously, the less software there is, the faster your computer will start. 

3. Be careful to choose the software you don’t want to open any more because some of them are essential for the proper functioning of your PC. Precautions Clearly, do not touch everything that is Windows and Microsoft.

 On the other hand, all the other programs that are not vital, such as Windows Messenger, your program for the printer, the GPS or the scanner that you rarely use, really don’t need to be checked. Of course, you will still be able to use these programs by opening them normally later, it’s just that they won’t be loaded the next time you start your PC. 

With a Mac: even simpler! And if you have a Mac, it’s exactly the same problem, except that it’s much easier to manage, as usual. 

Here’s how to proceed:

1. In the Dock, I click on an application that I no longer want to open when I start my Mac.

2. Then I right-click on the icon of the program in question. For example Open Office and I go to Options, then I uncheck “Open with session”. And that’s it!

As a result, your PC and Mac now boot faster 🙂 You know what to do if your computer is very slow at startup. By following this advice, even my father, who is not a computer world champion, managed to improve his computer’s performance at startup.

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