Cooking Tips: How long to boil corn

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Are you cooking corn on the cob or eating corn for dinner? Here are some simple cooking methods that will help you rediscover this summer favorite!

In the microwave: for evenings in a hurry

Microwave cooking is the easiest and fastest! Start by removing the leaves from the corn, leaving only a few leaves on the cob, so it doesn’t dry out. Put the corn on the cob in the microwave and cook on high power, about 4 minutes. The corn will be very hot, so watch out for burns. Let the corn rest for a few minutes and cover with butter before eating. A quick-cooking technique ideal for weeknights or solo meals.

In boiling water: for the more traditional

Boil a large pot of water. Remove the leaves from the corn and plunge the cobs into the boiling water. Wait 8 minutes or until ready. Remove them from the pot with tongs and drain them.

Steamed: to do it differently

Boil a pot of water. Place a steaming basket on top of the pot without the basket touching the water. Place the cobs without leaves in the basket and close the lid. The corn should be ready in 10 minutes.

Tip: make sure you always have water in your pot, so you don’t burn the bottom!

On the barbecue: for family parties

Soak the ears of corn in a bowl of water for about 15 minutes. Drain the cobs and place them on the barbecue grill until the leaves are black, about 10 minutes, turning the cobs occasionally. Using oven mitts, shuck the corn (be careful, it will be hot!) and return the cobs to the grill to continue cooking for another 10 minutes. Turn the cobs often during cooking, so they don’t burn. They are ready when they are a little brown.
Has some corn leftover after your shucking or dinner? Think about cooking them, so they don’t go to waste. Once the cobs are cooked, you can remove the kernels with a knife. You can freeze the kernels for later or use them in dishes.

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