Diana Ross From Supremes to Upside down

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From Supremes to Upside down, Diana Ross’ influence on music is enormous, with seventy certified titles. She is in the record book as the greatest female artist in the history of music. Great icon Diana Ross has also contributed to the visibility of African-Americans and gays.

Born in 1944 in the poor district of Detroit, the cradle of soul music, Diana Ross was only 16 years old when the Supremes signed their first contract in 1961 with Berry Gordy, founder of the legendary Motown label, who became her lover and mentor. After a series of failures, he finally found the formula that fit Diana’s range perfectly. Gospel melodies on rock rhythms, the recipe will revolutionize black music! After this hit, the trio became one of the most popular female groups in the United States until Diana Ross’ excessive ambition decided otherwise.

Set out to conquer Hollywood, freed from her pygmalion whose child she bore, Diana Ross released her first eponymous album in 1970, composed mainly of covers, including this declaration of love popularized by Tammie Terell and Marvin Gaye. This title consecrates Diana Ross as a solo artist, and she becomes a sex symbol embodying an idea of black beauty, a true diva.

D as in Diva as in Diana, whose voice is crystalline with astonishing male roars in the background. The aura, the intimate story, the flaws and the ability to rise above them make an artist human and inspiring and make her a diva. These are characteristics that can be found in almost every great female voice, from Celine Dion to Whitney Houston. And a diva must also know how to turn her audience around!

1980, disco period, Diana Ross collaborates with Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers of Chic! The first single is the bewitching Upside Down, n°1 as soon as it is released and Diana Ross’ biggest success.

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