does avast slow down your computer

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How to Increase Your Computer Speed With Avast.

Although Avast Internet Security is one of the antivirus programs that uses the least amount of PC resources, according to several independent tests, you can make it even faster by simply adjusting the settings of your Avast antivirus.

This guide will explain how to increase the performance of your computer with Avast Internet Security.

Improving Your Computer’s Speed At Startup

If your computer is very slow at startup, you can choose to load Avast services after Windows services. In other words, you will start Avast after starting Windows and other programs on your PC. This will increase the speed of your PC when it starts up.
To enable Avast services after Windows services, open your Avast interface and go to Settings and then to Troubleshooting and check the option: Start Avast services only after other system services are started.
We recommend that you test whether the change has a noticeable impact on the performance of your PC at startup. If it does not have a significant impact, you can uncheck this option to improve your security.

Improve the Performance of Your Computer by Postponing Updates.

Many Avast users have already experienced the situation that makes them start their computer to quickly search for information on the Internet, but this is precisely the moment that Avast has chosen to do the updates of the antivirus database and you have the impression that your computer is idling.
To avoid this and increase the performance of your computer, you can choose to make Avast updates whenever you want. To do this, open the user interface of your Avast software, go to Settings and then Updates. In the section dedicated to the virus database, click Settings and then check the option “Ask when an update is available. You can keep continuous updates enabled because they take up almost no space on your PC.
By changing the update settings, you will be notified each time an update is available and you will receive an alert pop-up. To update your antivirus databases, simply click Update Now on the pop-up. We strongly recommend that you update your antivirus definitions whenever possible.

Other Tips To Increase Your PC Performance.

Uncheck the Participate in the Avast Community and Participate in Data Sharing options in Settings > General > Privacy. This setting means that Avast will not collect any data or information about your online activities.
If you do not use an email utility such as Outlook or Thunderbird, you can disable the email agent that does not work on online messengers such as Gmail or Yahoo. Go to Settings > Active Protection > Switch the mail agent to OFF and select Permanently Disable. Then go to General > Status Monitoring and uncheck Mail Agent so that your software will not display any alert message about this agent.
Disable the Software Updater, Browser Cleanup and Cleanup by going to Tools > Customize > and uncheck the following options :
Notifications (standalone windows) enabled for Software Updater
Regularly look in my browsers for the presence of toolbars with a bad rating for Browser Cleanup.
Always test for performance problems on this computer for Avast Cleanup.

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