How to Lower your energy bills and save money?

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Too many people are still unaware that there is an easy way to lower their energy bills.
More and more people save money every day by switching electricity and gas, but some still worry about making a change.
This article explains exactly how to go about switching your gas and electricity suppliers in the smoothest possible way.
Loyalty doesn’t pay when it comes to your energy supplier. but in just a few minutes you could save hundreds of pounds a year.

Why are my energy bills so high?

1. The fixed price plan ended

During the fixed tariffs plan term.usually between 1 year 4 years the energy supplier protects you against energy price when the fixed price plan ended, you get automatically rolled on to a new plan with higher rates.

2. The prices have raised by The energy supplier

If you are on a standard tariff!
Normally, the standard tariff allows the provider to raise prices at any make sure to choose a better plan rather than default tariff in order to save money.

3. The estimated meter readings

Check that your bill is based on actual readings of your electricity meter rather than estimated ones. or consider getting a smart meter, which provides real-time readings.

Ask your current energy supplier for a better gas and electricity deal?

Looking for a new energy provider sounds a good idea especially when you want to save money by reducing your bills. but sometimes your current provider offers a good deal that you don’t know about. So first, just give your supplier a call and ask for a cheaper tariff. even changing to a direct debit or paperless billing can save you money.

know how much energy do you use?

If you’re going to switch the suppliers, you need to know how much energy you use. dig out old bills to find out how much you’ve spent in the last year and the name of the tariff you currently on.

Will I have to pay to switch?

Changing energy suppliers is designed to be a smooth experience for you. Switching is
normally free.
The only thing to keep an eye out for our exit fees. But only if you are outside the
switching periods.
Your electricity and gas supply quality will not change.
You will keep the same meters unless you change your payment method.
Your new provider will contact your current provider and take care of all the details.

Is Switching electricity and gas Free?

Yes, energy suppliers have to let you switch whenever you want.
If you are on a variable tariff you can switch at any time.
If you’re on a fixed tariff, make sure you switch within the 49 days before the end of
the tariff to avoid paying exit fees.

What’s the difference between a fixed-rate contract and a variable rate tariff?

There are two options when it comes to electricity and gas bills.
Fixed or Variable Tariffs.
Fixed Tariffs will keep the unit rates and standing charges the same during a set time, usually for a year.
Of course, if you use more energy units, you will pay more but the price per unit and the daily standing charge will stay the same.
Gas and electricity prices have been increasing constantly since the early 2000s and there is no sign of it stopping because energy is getting more and more expensive to produce.
Fixed Tariffs protect you from sudden energy price increases.
This sounds like a good deal on the face of it.
The downside of fixed tariffs is that most, but not all, have exit fees if you decide to leave the company outside the cooling-off periods.
If you shop around and find a better deal, you could be stuck with a fixed tariff you don’t want.
On the other hand, variable tariffs might seem cheaper initially but they are going to keep increasing with energy costs but they do not have exit fees, so if you find a better deal you can switch without penalty.

Will I still get the same energy?

Yes! The pipes and cables that bring power to your home are maintained by the DNO, or
Distribution Network Operators, sometimes also called Local Distribution Companies or LDC, of your region.
So your electricity and gas stay exactly the same, only the company that bills you changes.
Distribution Network Operators are responsible for dealing with power cuts too, so if the power cuts are a worry, then switching your energy supplier certainly won’t make a difference.

Can I switch gas and electricity companies?

You can switch energy tariffs at any time. Two things to keep in mind are: if you are on a fixed tariff check for exit fees. and if you are in debt with your current supplier, you can switch if the debt is less than 28 days old.
If you have a prepayment meter, the debt needs to be less than £500 to be able to switch.

Do I need to have my meter replaced to switch?

You will not need to have your meter replaced unless you opted to change your payment method between standard, prepayment or Economy 7. and This will not be the case, however, if you have a smart meter.

Will my gas and electricity be turned off?

Your electricity and gas supply will not be cut off when you switch. There will be absolutely
no break-in supply regardless of who you’re switching to.

Do I need to cancel with my old energy supplier?

You do not need to talk to your current supplier to switch. Your new supplier will take care of canceling the service and switching you over without any power cuts or interruptions.

How do I compare energy providers?

by using comparison websites like or you can get the cheapest commercial electricity rates, cheap electric companies with no deposit, or the best cheap energy supplier.
Go online and use the approved comparison sites to find the best deal once you’ve found it you shouldn’t need to do anything else just sit back and enjoy the extra pounds in your pocket for more quick and easy.

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