French foods in America

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The Perfect Pairing of Taste and Texture

French foods in America

The French foods in America all started at the beginning of the civil war. The French were considered very cruel and were routinely tortured and imprisoned in what became known as the prison camps. Americans totally detested being in those camps and they also resented the French cuisine that was served in these camps. They made fun of the French and their foods while at the same time they also avoided eating any french foods themselves. It wasn’t until later in the 20th century that Americans really started to like and appreciate the french foods.

However, with the arrival of the Industrial revolution in America things changed drastically. Things became very different in the north and the south. The south had become quite anti french due to the slaves that were once owned by the french. However, the north was quickly becoming the hot spot for all kinds of new franceses. Suddenly, the all time favorite foods of south were now the all time favorites of the north.

New wave of french food to America

Suddenly there were all kinds of restaurants opening up and most of these were French owned and ran by frenchmen. This brought a whole new wave of french food to America. Suddenly, the very foods that were once shunned were now being served in every restaurant. In fact, at one point during the industrial revolution, the north american population totally embraced the french food wave. The rise of this new wave of french foods in America has been dubbed “the French Paradox”.

One of the most popular foods of the new french foods in America is french fries. These became so popular that many people identified the fries as being from the french themselves. No matter how much Americans tried to avoid french fries they couldn’t escape them. Americans absolutely loved these french fries. You can find them anywhere from Texas to New York and everywhere else in between. These french fries became a huge hit with the American public and their popularity only continued to grow.

Incredibly popular dish

Another incredibly popular dish that the french brought to the north is referred to as crepes. Crepes are simply pastries that are filled with filling that is either meat, vegetables, or cream. While historically these pastries have always been a product of the middle class in Europe, the french brought it to the US and made it a national dish. Although the government has taken steps to keep the use of the word “crepe” out of the food label, this tasty treat still enjoys a strong hold over the hearts of most Americans.

French dishes that have become American favorites

Of course there are many other amazing french dishes that have become American favorites. Some of the more popular ones include: Boiled eggs, pork, sausages, pastrami, triple sec, and of course white cheddar cheese. As you can see there are so many different options when it comes to foods that are made in America and some of them enjoy a stronger fan base than others. In most cases people like what the french do and love the combination of flavors and textures that they are able to create in these culinary creations.

Another incredible food that you will find being enjoyed in restaurants across America is called quebec. A quick search of the internet and you will quickly find that this delicious french dish is quickly becoming one of the most popular foods in America. Quebec is a dish that originates from the Quebec area in Canada and is very similar to Canadian salmon. It is a very salty cured meat that is typically smoked over an open fire. You will find it in many restaurants, cafes, and taverns all across the United States.

The taste and style of the french cuisine

While you are traveling around the country you are sure to come across many restaurants that will offer you a wonderful dining experience that is created by the french. You may even be able to find a great quebec cookbook to help you create your very own amazing meals that are made with the taste and style of the french cuisine. If you are looking for an incredible experience and an incredible way to enjoy food then make sure that you keep your eyes open when you are traveling through the north america area. You are sure to love the foods that are offered and are certain to end up getting back home with a delicious meal that was created by the french. Food is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and french foods in America can help you do just that. Whether you are traveling as a couple or a family vacationing together look no further than the french foods in America.

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