Hair: 5 before and after looks that will make you want to go to the hairdresser

Written by Milabro

In these monotonous times, who wouldn’t dream of a little change? On Instagram, hairdressers share their most impressive hair transformations. Enough to make us want to make an appointment too!

Tired of seeing yourself with the same head? On their Instagram accounts, several professional hairdressers share their work and the incredible hair transformations in their salons. Here are five that will make you want to change everything!

1. A fringe and a bleach

This is the hair fantasy of many of us: going to the hairdresser and bleaching everything. There’s no better way to radically change your head! This transformation from chestnut to polar blonde is a dream come true! The sleek, flawless bangs also showcase this client’s face, making us want to jump on this – potentially risky – haircut.

2. Beautiful curls and balayage

Without the right products, and the right moves, it can be complicated to maintain beautiful curls. This transformation, achieved through the application of treatments and serums, can give hope to those with dry hair. This hair renaissance is accentuated by a lightening balayage that highlights this client’s beautiful hair. An inspiring “before and after”!

3. A nice radical square

Tired of your damaged hair that gets tangled or gets in the way every day? The short haircut or bob is a coveted hairstyle of the stars. In this video, the hairdresser shows how he frames the face and enhances it. So why hesitate?

4. Waves and shiny color

Victim of failed highlights? A color that has faded? Hairdressers are there to save you from bad hair experiences that seem unrecoverable. We love this transition from slightly yellow hair to a pretty light red.

5 – A return to brunette mode

Parisian salon Un Air de Famille offers cool hair transformations. Here, this client goes from the two-tone hair trend to a pretty deep and shiny brown thanks to a plant-based keratin treatment. A change that doesn’t damage our hair and makes us want to look natural. Brown has never been so seductive!

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