How many episodes is falcon and winter soldier

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There are only two more episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier to go. According to composer Henry Jackman, you haven’t seen anything yet. He revealed that more than half of the story of the Marvel series is contained in these two episodes.

how many episodes is falcon and winter soldier

Thought you’d already seen everything about the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series? Well, you haven’t. The last two episodes, the fifth and sixth, have some surprises in store. Series composer Henry Jackman has made a surprising revelation, to say the least. According to him, you’ve seen more than half of the series, but you still have more than half of the story to discover.

In fact, the trailer for episode 5, which will air tomorrow, Friday, April 16, on Disney+, revealed a new, high-performance shield for Captain America. Several theories about the events of episodes 5 and 6 are already circulating on the web. Many fans are expecting to see John Walker turn to the dark side, but it is not yet certain. In any case, the last two episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier look very promising with all the information we’ve gotten so far.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier still has some surprises in store
Marvel series composer Henry Jackman spoke with Flickering Myth. In addition to questions about the series’ soundtrack and the work Henry Jackman has done, Flickering Myth’s Martin Carr asked him if we should expect a similar ending to WandaVision. Indeed, the finale of WandaVision widely divided fans with the lowest score of the series on Rotten Tomatoes.

Henry Jackman then made a surprising revelation. He said that “that’s a very difficult question to answer. I would say that… people have seen half of the show, but they haven’t seen half of what’s going on. He then added that “there’s still more than half… in terms of the content and the implications of what’s going to happen. So Henry Jackman has remained very mysterious about the story of the last two episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Anyway, fans are already looking forward to episode 5 tomorrow and episode 6 on April 23 on Disney+. We’ll know then.

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