How to Cut Curtain Bangs – Basic Techniques

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how to cut curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are currently one of the trendiest and universally flattering hairstyles seeing at the moment. Typically worn either with a straight line or slight wave and a natural center part, this simple tapered hair accessory perfectly frames your face as if curtains frame a window. If you want to learn how to cut curtain bangs you need to get the right styling tools and start practicing! Here are five easy steps to get you started:

Lay your hair down with your shoulders back

Lay your hair down with your shoulders back and then take a small section of your hair around the part of your head where you would like to receive the bangs. With a small curling iron held at the right length, start curling your hair upward from your scalp. If needed, you can use some hair gel or mousse to keep your bangs from sticking out. For best results, use the same product for both the bangs and the hair you are curling. Curling irons come in different sizes and models so look for the one that is appropriate for your hair type.

Blow out the loose ends by using a fan brush

Once you have finished with the basic bobbing action, blow out the loose ends by using a fan brush or a small air dryer to get them back into place. Straightening your bangs is usually best done with a straight hair extension but if you have a full head of long hair, you can always add a few sections of ringlets or an in-the-canal bang. Once you have straightened out all the loose ends, you can proceed to the next step of how to cut curtain bangs. This is the part where you decide what shape you would like your bangs to be.

Curtain bangs look best when they are in a shear

Curtain bangs look best when they are in a shear or feathering design. These look very good when they are thin and barely noticeable, or if the hair on your head is fairly thin. If you are unsure about what shears to use, you can always ask a stylist at a hair salon for advice. You can find these shears in different styles, such as wide, regular, curved or square. The kind of shears you choose should depend on the shape of your face and the overall look you are going for.

Curtain bangs are not the only option

Curtain bangs are not the only option for those who want to keep their bangs from being all over the place. There are wavy hair styles that also work well. These wavy bang styles look great when the hair is pulled back in a smooth sweeping motion. These can be curly or straight, depending on the look you are going for. The key with wavy hair styles is to keep the layers thin so they do not pull down on the rest of your hair.

Take a medium comb out any fluff on y

Next, you will want to take a medium comb out any fluff on your bangs using the large tooth comb. Now you will want to take the hair on the top of your head and separate it into three sections. Once you have the hair you will be working with separated into three sections, you will want to take a clean dry towel and place one section on your comb, another section onto the comb and another section onto your towel.

Start combing through your bangs

To start combing through your bangs, make sure you hold the hair up by its roots. This will help keep the comb from snagging on anything as you go through. When you have each section of hair combed to the same length as your jawline, comb it through the remaining strands on your head. This will help make sure that the comb doesn’t get hung up on anything. This makes it easier for you to cut your new bangs.

After you have done all of your sections, you can then dry them up and you are ready to use the shears. You will want to trim the bangs with the dry shears. You should do this as low down the hair as possible. The higher you can trim the hair off the lower the chances of it sticking out when you cut it with the shears.

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