How To Play Darts – An Easy Step Guide For Anyone

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how to play darts

It’s time for another beginners’ guide to learning how to play darts! This time we will cover some important topics such as choosing a ball, the opening game, placing your ball on the board, and the flushing game. Stick around and ill guide you through all the basics and tips and tricks from some of the top pros, so that you too can learn to play darts the correct way! I will cover some advanced techniques such as chipping and hooking. I hope that by the time you have finished reading this, you will be ready to start enjoying some darts from your own home.

Throwing your darts

The first thing we are going to cover is throwing your darts. Consistency is the key here, because if you don’t have a consistent throw then you will never improve. Your throwing technique needs to be similar each time you throw, because if it isn’t, then no matter how many times you throw it, the same result will come out. So what are the three things we need to improve when it comes to throwing?

The first thing that we need to look at when it comes to throwing darts is your stance. Having the correct stance is crucial in your overall throwing technique. You must have a balanced weight distribution on both your feet, both hands, and a relaxed body, with your elbows resting on the top of the shoulder. Your arms should be placed behind your back, and your toes pointed outwards. This is what you should be doing when you are throwing, but many people have trouble maintaining this form.

Players struggle with their stance

A lot of beginner players struggle with their stance, and when you don’t have a good stance, your entire throwing technique is going to suffer. Many times when players struggle to hit their darts, they tend to hold their foot away from the front of the body, and this is a huge problem! Holding your foot away from the front forces you to cock your arm, which in turn forces your shoulder to rotate, and in turn this causes you to release your shoulder and wrist. Your entire body will be stiff, and this is never good when you are aiming your darts.

So what should you do if you are struggling to hit a dart? Well, instead of aiming for a four or five, aim for a two, three, or even a four. If you score a five when you have only managed to get your first two darts out, then you should be congratulated. If you manage to get your first two out, then congratulate yourself again, and move on to the next target! It’s important not to dwell too much on the fact that you haven’t actually scored a five in your two attempts, because if you keep repeating that over, you’ll soon find yourself failing more.

Variation of darts we are playing

Another thing we need to look at when it comes to throwing is which variation of darts we are playing. When you play a game of darts, you always end up playing at least one of three variants. The three most popular variants are the ninety minute game, the ninety minutes set up, and the quick change format. When you play darts, you don’t actually play one variant or the other – you switch up between them during the course of the game. This is why we recommend that you play three variants before you even attempt to crack a winner.

Play darts with three players

When you play darts with three players, the object is to get your team to hit at least twenty five points when you have got all of your darts out of the board. To do this, you need to get the player who is designated as the “udden change” player to take over from his teammate who is playing the “standard” variation. The reason for us suggesting this is that in many instances, when you change to a standard variation of darts, you will hit less accurately than you would when you switch to the rapidfire or double segment versions.

One final step guide on how to play darts is to remember that you are not playing a game of “catch”. You are not attempting to retrieve lost balls or pick up dropped darts. If an opponent drops a dart, be prepared to replace it – don’t waste your time trying to pick it up! If you are playing with children, remember that you should never name the game after any famous cricketer. It is unwise to stereotype and make fun of people because of their sporting prowess.

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