How to Remove Press Nails Without Causing Pain

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how to remove press on nails

How to remove press on nails

Are you wondering how to remove press on nails? This is a very common question among people who are suffering from nail fungus. There are many solutions available. If you have consulted a physician or aesthetician and they have prescribed you some medication, then it’s not necessary to worry. There are many medicines which you can take to reduce this problem.

But if the problem is not treated properly, then your beautiful nails may start growing again. The best way of treating this infection is to use essential oils like sandalwood oil, cypress oil, rosemary and clove oil. You can soak your feet into some diluted foot body wash and soak your nails in it for few minutes. And after some more minutes, you will observe that the nails start to come off from the root of your feet.

Press on nails are made up of a tough outer layer that sticks to the skin. On the other hand, the soft under surface contains the real nail material. Therefore, the real nail material starts to wear away due to constant pressure of the pressure applied on it while you walk and stand on your feet. To remove this irritating problem, it is very important that you should first disinfect your feet completely with rubbing alcohol. After disinfecting your feet, it is necessary to clean the surrounding areas where you are going to perform the removal process so that no disease or bacteria can grow.

Common ways of removing press on nails

One of the best and most common ways of removing press on nails is by soaking your toes in warm water. Place a few cups of water in a bowl and add a little bit of soap or natural powder. Once you have included both the things in your warm water, simply soak your feet in the water for several minutes. This method of removing press on nails works for both fingernails and toenails.

Another popular way of how to remove press on nails is by using natural products such as nail polish remover. This method does not require any type of heat or electricity. Simply cut a little strip of nail polish and apply it over your nail surface. The color will be absorbed by the natural adhesive on the nail. You may have to repeat the procedure until the color is totally absorbed.

Applying small amount of acetone

Another method of how to remove press on nails without pain is by applying small amount of acetone. Apply small amount of acetone on the area affected by the nail. You may need to wait for few minutes so that the acetone can work effectively. However, if the area is affected by infection, then the acetone may cause some burning sensation. It is best to use this method after cleaning your hands with antiseptic mouthwash.

Try using nail glue

Lastly, try using nail glue. This is one of the effective methods on how to remove hard or thick nails that are stuck on a particular area. To apply this, take a pair of nail clippers and cut a strip of the nail glue. You should not apply more than one-third of the glued portion on the area affected. After that, trim the remaining part and free the protruding nail.

If these methods do not provide any satisfactory answer to your question on how to remove press on nails without pain, you may try consulting a professional for painless methods. Although this is expensive, the results are worth the money. However, if you cannot afford to consult a professional, then opt to buy medicated pads from drugstores that contains acrylamide and other painless ingredients that helps ease the pain caused by your prickly feeling. You can also try applying some alcohol-based removers to gradually remove kiss press nails without pain.

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