How to skip Hulu ads 6 methods that work!

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If you have been using Hulu to watch movies or TV shows, you must have seen several non-stop ads. Now, many people want to know ‘how to skip ads in Hulu’. So, here I will show you some simple tips that allow you to skip or even disable ads.

The internet is merged in ads, and Hulu is no exception. If you buy a basic subscription plan from Hulu, you will see all these ads while watching your favourite movie or series. These ads may seem very annoying to you. That’s why I’m going to suggest you some methods here that will help you block irritating ads on Hulu perfectly. Go through this article to understand how to block non-deactivate ads on Hulu.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is known as a subscription service for American movies and TV series. Disney now owns this online service platform. This service offers you many films and shows for a minimum subscription of $5.99 per month. You can also get content from HBO MAX, ESPN, Disney + here. Although Hulu subscription is cheaper than other relevant platforms, Hulu’s commercial ads can ruin the experience of your favourite show.

How do I block Hulu ads?

Hulu has already mentioned its ad policy for basic packages in its terms and conditions. This makes it impossible to skip ads until they end directly. Other famous on-demand platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime do not show any ads. But comparing them, Hulu is full of all types of non-deactivate ads, which may irritate you.

Here are the six ways to block Hulu ads:

1) Use the Hulu Ad Skipper extension

Hulu ad skipper extension is a Chrome extension that allows you to block ads on Hulu properly. You can find this extension on Chrome, Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based web browsers. Here are the steps to install the Hulu ad skipper extension.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome App Store page and search for Hulu Ad skipper. Then, choose the apps that have the best reviews and ratings and install them.

Step 2: Visit and log in with your username once the extension is added to your browser. Then, open one of your favourite shows that you want to watch. The extension will detect and ignore ads and also block ads automatically.

This method is reliable and hassle-free. If the Hulu ad skipper extension does not work correctly, you can follow the following process.

2) AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is well known and is among the best-blocking apps that skip Hulu ads. This app also disables all Twitch ads appearing on other websites you visit. Adblock Plus does not block ads.

It replaces ads with a blank white screen. If you’d rather have a blank screen than watch long commercial Hulu ads, this option is for you.

Unfortunately, some movies or videos become unavailable when you use this plugin. If you encounter this problem, disable the plugin temporarily. But keep in mind that after deactivating the plugin, some ads may appear when you watch favourite programs. To activate the extension after a while.

3) Enounce MySpeed

Enounce MySpeed is the software used to increase or slow down the playback speed of Flash and Html 5 players, including Hulu players.

This software is compatible with Windows, and it can fast forward Hulu ads. What it does exactly is that it skips 5 minutes of Hulu commercials in less than 30 seconds and saves the remaining time.

The important thing is that this software is not free, and you have to pay $29.99 for the license key. But you will get a 7-day trial period with all the special features included. You can opt for the premium version if the trial version suits you.

4) Use the two-tab technique

This method may seem a bit tricky. You can open two tabs for the same program to avoid Hulu ads. First of all, open two different tabs of Hulu. Then, turn off the second tab and you need to transfer the program to the first ad marker. This ad marker is usually available in a different color indicator on the stream bar. After that, open the first tab and watch your program. When the ad starts on the first tab, turn it off again and go to the second tab.
Go back to the point where your program was interrupted and start watching from there. This process is very effective in avoiding ads on Hulu.

5) Refresh the page

If you don’t want to install third-party plugins or buy paid applications, this trick will be very effective to avoid being interrupted by Hulu ads. others. This method does not remove ads either. You just need to refresh the program page and it will shorten the length of the ad.

6) Buy Premium

The premium version of Hulu removes the ad popup while you are watching shows or movies. In addition, the premium version offers a wide range of special features to customize your viewing experience.
The Hulu No Ads plan starts from $11.99 per month , here is a brief overview of the plan as of March 2021:
after purchasing the premium version, you can watch your favorite programs without any interruption from unwanted ads.
Final thoughts
This information will guide you to ignore Hulu ads while streaming your favorite videos on it! If you are too bothered by Hulu ads, I will suggest you to upgrade your existing plan to Hulu No Ads. Just try the methods already mentioned and let us know which method worked for you.

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