Oprah Winfrey’s life tips for success

Oprah Winfrey one of the icons of our century, let’s discover her tips of success. Based on her book “What I’m sure of’”

The Joy
Every day gives us the chance to take a deep breath, to take off and dance – to live without regret and with so much joy, of pleasure and laughter as possible.
We can waltz with courage on the stage of life and lead the life that our spirit inspires us to live or sit quietly against the wall, by hiding in the shadow of fear and doubt.
Joy is based on our way of seeing life. It’s up to us to see the positive when there does not seem to be any, it’s up to us to be in a good mood, it’s up to us to see life on the right side, it’s up to us to cultivate joy every day.

The Resilience
The only way to overcome the earthquake is to change our position. It is impossible to avoid daily shaking. They are part of life.
On the other hand, I believe that these experiences are gifts to force us to take a step to the right or the left in search of a new center of gravity. Do not fight them. Allow them to help you improve your balance.
Each of our good or bad experiences allows us to understand each other better and more often, take a path that suits us better. It’s up to us to see in every situation, the opportunity to grow and take the best direction for us.

The Relationships

“Stop waiting for your husband to say, “I love you,”

that your children tell you that you are a wonderful mother, that a man kidnaps you to marry you or your best friend assures you are a pearl. Look in yourself; love begins within you “.
No relationship will fill the lack of love we have for ourselves. No relationship will silence this little inner voice that can sometimes repeat us” You are worthless”. No one will strengthen the love we miss. Love and esteem begin with you.

The Gratitude
if you take the time to show yourself gratitude every day, you will be astonished by the fruits of your efforts.
The more grateful you are, the more you will notice all these good things you already have, the more life will reward you.

The possibilities
nothing you dread the most has no power, it’s your fear that holds power.
but the fear that you may steal your life. Whenever you fall into his trap, you lose strength, while your fear wins. That’s why you have to decide, it does not matter how difficult the road to go seems, you will overcome your fears in order to continue your journey “.A multitude of possibilities is on our way, throughout our life. A lot of times, we avoid them for fear of the unknown, fear of change, afraid of the action. Overcoming our fears, as difficult as it may seem is the solution to allow us to always evolve, continue our path and go further.

The wonder
Every day has the opportunity to contemplate the world with wonder”.
We always have the opportunity to marvel at what we see. We take everything around us for granted while magic and beauty surround us: a beautiful sunset, the colors of the sky, the landscapes, the animals …Everything can be a source of wonder.

The Clarity
“What I’m sure of: it is that I had to first know clearly who I am before being able to overcome the illness of wanting to please.Once I’ve been accepted that I was a good person, kind and generous, I did not have anything to prove. But now I have the courage to stand up and say, “Who I am”.
Clarity is paramount, in your goals as well as yourself. Being clear and precise, permit us to know who we are exactly, and where we go.
The clarity of the intentions, and thoughts. will only guide you further.

The power
What I’m sure of, it is that we become what we dwell on – such thoughts, such a woman. If, for hours and hours, we assimilate images and messages not expressing our magnificence.
Do not neglect the power of your mind, the one who rules absolutely everything. Nourish yourself with what makes you dream, read inspiring texts, encouraging, repeat nice sentences to yourself, and see the result instead.