Spring dressing: here are the 4 most sought-after trends on the Internet

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Because today everything is done through screens and algorithms, the fashion search engine Stylight has deciphered the four trends that are most likely to emerge in spring.

It may seem surprising, even crazy, but today we can predict the success of a trend before it has even had time to be born. Here we are, still under the dreary grey of winter – our coat is still soaked from our last outing in the rain – that we are looking forward to a sunnier and more stylish spring too. Hoping we’ll be able to get out a little more, we’re getting ready to build a fresh and vibrant wardrobe thanks to the predictions of search engine Stylight. The latter has cross-referenced the queries of its more than 120 million users to draw up a portrait of four stylistic currents of thought. And obviously, we all want to take care of our look again!


bohomian folk fashion

While we are half stuck at home for many months now, we imagine we can go and play the guitar by a fire or in a forest. So we thank Taylor Swift and her two albums “Folklore” and “Evermore” for this bohemian inspiration. In terms of style, we’re going to focus on flowing pants, vaporous blouses and silk scarves (+24%) this spring. Folks jackets are also on a roll as they have experienced a jump of 62% of searches on Stylight. So here we go, oversized plaid overshirts and retro printed jackets.


baby-chic trend fashion

A little carefree and cheerfulness would not hurt us in these times. Obviously, the 2.0 fashionistas have all sniffed the trend since the baby-chic wardrobe will be on the front of the stage. Kezako? A youthful look in our dressing room! The baby-chic style is inspired by the key pieces of our childhood (crochet vest, gingham print, ruffled collar …) updated. Obviously, the colors of choice could only be shades associated with newborns: baby pink (+30%) and baby blue (+47%).


Nautical fashion trend

Still with the idea of escape, this time we head to the coast for a breath of sea air. There’s nothing like the coastline to recharge your batteries and to show off your style too. From Quimper to Saint-Trop’, our spring trends are going to emerge from the sea bed with an 88% increase in searches around this theme. In the sights of Stylight users: dresses with stripes/mariners (+54%), high-waisted shorts very marine of fresh water or blouses in light silk to twirl in the wind.



Tik Tok had to put its grain of salt in the spring fashion trends. Indeed, the social network phenomenon has resurrected a style of the 90s: the Dark Academia style. Basically, we imagine ourselves as students at Oxford University in a teenage thriller from 1997 and we adopt the outfit that goes with it. Jacquard sweater, beret, woolly blazer, tartan skirt… This trend has seen a 62% jump in searches compared to last year. So we’re storming college blouses (+19%), campus cardigans (+93%) or even rugby polos (+123%). Hurry up and get to class now!

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