Squid Game Cast – Oh Hae-Joo, Red Light, Green Light

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One of the funniest movies of all time, The Squid Game is a fun watch for both old and young alike. With an all star cast headed by Sung Hae-jong, The Squid Game is set to be a box office hit this weekend. In this action packed movie, an ordinary high school student is selected to be the front man of a dating simulation game known as the Slinky Logic. This girl is so perfect that her agency has allowed her to live a life of luxury without any worries.

squid game cast

One day, he meets up with his old friend who happens to be the Squid Game’s main player. The two become good friends and they even work together for their mutual interest. However, things take an unexpected turn when the newly appointed agent from the Agency accidentally kills his partner during a gunfight. He is then thrown into a life of poverty and starvation due to the death of his loved one. This is where the game takes place and the Squid Game casts a spell on the unsuspecting player…

The story line of the movie

The story line of the movie begins at the slink of red lights and black and white lights as the red light signals the beginning of the game. There are three levels in total and the first level is the most difficult as there are only two levels to complete. The other levels are much easier and this is where the true game play of The Squid Game comes into play. Players will compete against one another in order to complete all three levels of the Squid Game and if they are not able to complete the tasks within the timeframe set by the game, they will lose all their lives and be eliminated from the game.

Korean actress Kim Tae-hye

The lead role in the movie has been played by Korean actress Kim Tae-hye. The lead role is taken by the actress’ name Dong-hee. She plays a character who is seen as an orphan whose life is turned upside down after her mother is murdered. The role of Dong-hee is then taken by Park Min-su, who happens to be the best friend of the protagonist, Kim Tae-hye. Together, they set out to complete the tasks set forth for them in the Squid Game as they try to win the affection of the game’s heroine, Dong-hee.


Dong-hee has a crush on Kang Su, the son of the former governor of Haeundae. In order to get hold of the attention of the leading female character, Dong-hee enlists the help of the game’s main character, Kang Su. This makes Oh Il-nam the first South Korean star to be enlisted into a Hollywood film franchise when he was cast as the lead male role in Deok-su’s Deok-su (The Lady). The role of Oh Il-nam then went to Oh’s friend Kim Tae-hoon who happens to be one of the most popular Korean actors today.

Another interesting aspect of the entire cast is that all of them are from the L.A. area. This includes Oh Il-nam who hails from Busan, and two other stars from L.A. namely Oh Hae-joo and Kim Tae-hoon. With such a huge amount of L.A. locals on board, it is not surprising to see the gang of misfits come together in this hilarious comedy. There are even several cameos by well-known L.A. locals including Sung Hae-joo, Kim Tae-hoon, and Dong-hyup.

The humor derives from the game

A major part of the humor derives from the game’s odd yet humorous political set up. In one scene, a group of hooded protesters march to the offices of the Dong-cheon, an old fashioned restaurant that uses red light as its primary color, and green light for green light. There is also an odd moment when the red light is turned on inside a government building for a red light, and green light. This has been used in a lot of Korean television shows, and it always makes me laugh. It’s just like seeing L.A. schools burn down during the school holidays with no notice, only that the fire department had sent people to put out the fire using green light.

Overall, this comedy is hilarious and entertaining to watch. Hopefully you get as much enjoyment as I did from watching it. The social media buzz is immense since this aired on one of the most popular social media networks in the world, so if you want to catch up on the latest funnies, follow me on Twitter at tweenet.

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