Steve Jobs Education and Creation of Apple Company

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Through this article, I would like to focus on how steve jobs courageously led his life, and lessons of personal development that we can learn from him.
Whether you are neutral to Steve Jobs or if you are not a fan of him, it does not matter – for me, I’m completely neutral towards him and his life, and his achievements do not interest me more than that, it’s is the individual I respect. Do not let your neutrality or your dislike prevent you from learning something important (the personal development) of this man.
As you read this article, think about how you can apply these lessons to yourself. Do not read this article by just nodding at each point, then forget everything you read just minutes later. It would be a real waste of time for you.

Steve Jobs is born like everyone else, having received neither more nor less than everyone in his life. In the end, it was his way of leading his life that made the difference with others.

1-Our life is what we do.
If you do not know anything about Steve Jobs outside the general culture, here is a brief overview of his background
-He was born out of wedlock, of newly graduated parents who placed him in adoption shortly thereafter.
-He was adopted and raised in a family of workers. Her adoptive father repaired the cars for a living.
-His biological parents wanted a girl, not a boy.
-He left the university after only one semester.
-As he entered Reed University, he “slept on the floor with friends” in their rooms, recycled the glass bottles he sold to buy food, and once a week he received a meal. free in the local temple of Hare Krishna.
-In 1985, he was fired, publicly, from the company he founded (Apple), after losing a power struggle with the board. (He will return as CEO in 1997 after Apple bought NeXT, the company that Steve Jobs founded after leaving Apple).
-In 2003, he discovered that he had pancreatic cancer. He then engaged in a long battle with cancer for the next 8 years, until his death in October 2011

The majority of people who do not know Steve Jobs would probably think he had a privileged life, that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and that the way to his success was already drawn.

But that was not the case, as you have just seen. He was born out of wedlock in a crisis. He was not the child his parents wanted. He was placed for adoption. He was dismissed from the company he created himself. He was publicly humiliated at that time. A rare form of pancreatic cancer was diagnosed, and she ended up taking her life.
Although he did not have the best cards in his hand, it did not matter. Rather than complaining or being paralyzed in this situation, he did what was best with what he had – when he created the kind of life he wanted, eventually becoming the CEO of the one of the most recognized companies in the world, several times billionaire, and one of the most respected personalities in the world.

2-Dream big – very big
last decade, Microsoft was the undisputed giant in the field of personal computers. Before iPods, mp3 players were only known as mp3 players. Before iTunes, it seemed that almost nobody would pay to buy music online, while hacking was legion. Before the iPhone, Nokia was the market leader in mobile phones for some time. Before the iPad, there did not seem to be any need for tablets – PCs and laptops seemed to work very well. In every situation, no one would ever have imagined that things would have changed.
But the status quo was broken every time, and with exceptional results. With each product launched, Steve Jobs (and his team) revolutionized the industry and created a new movement – from personal computers to mp3 players, online music distribution, mobile phones, and tablets.

3-Great achievements start somewhere
Steve Jobs started Apple in the garage of his parents, with his high school friend Steve Wozniak. This is not exactly the most glamorous beginning of the biggest technology company in the world today – not that it matters, because it would never be developed if it had not had a beginning in the first place.
I often hear people say that they can not do X because they need to wait for A, B, and C to be in place. All right, but are these prerequisites really necessary or are they just excuses for not acting? If we wait forever for things to be perfect, then when will we start acting?
How can you begin to realize your dreams today, even to a small extent? It is on leaving that you will arrive at your destination. The greatest achievements of this world were only at one moment, just a dream.

4-Diplomas do not count
Steve Jobs gave up after just a semester at Reed University. His qualifications have not gone beyond high school. Then he became one of many out of school billionaires today who are seriously questioning the old belief that a degree is essential to succeed in life.
I’m not saying to stop studying or not having a degree. All I’m saying is that whether or not you succeed in life is independent of your degree. There are people who have succeeded in life and are graduates, just as there are people who have succeeded and who have no qualifications. What is important is your talents, your attitude, and aptitude (which can then be sharpened by 10,000 hours of practice).
If you are studying at this time, or if you are planning to study/obtain qualifications in the future, be aware of why you are trying to persevere in this area, and if that fits your needs.
For those who are still in school – are you taking a circuitous route through the school so that you can get a piece of paper at the end of your curriculum, as a ticket to the world of work? For those who have obtained their certifications – are you hiding behind them as a shield and using them as an excuse for not growing up? And for those who do not have certifications in what you want to do later – are you looking for an excuse for not pursuing what you want to do in life?

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