The Addams Family 2 Thoughts

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The Addams Family 2

The Addams Family 2 is fun and exciting

The Addams Family is a super fun and exciting movie for all ages. Featuring an all new group of characters including the Addams family, this movie will have your kids asking you for more from day one. The Addams family has finally returned home after spending some time in Europe. With a new addition to their household, each member of the family is anxious to show off their newest home made cooking recipe.

Now, the Addams family must face the summer heat as they embark on a daring and delicious road trip. Packed with great special effects, this movie is a high energy ride for both the little ones and the parents. As a result, the new addition to the family has a hard time adjusting to his new home life. Facing the demands of a busy household, the Addams family must rely on good old fashioned fun and adventure to keep them all in good spirits.

The Addams Family 2 Getting back

“The Addams Family 2” gives us a look at the bonds that bind our loved ones together no matter how much we might try to break them. The Addams family has once again taken on their typical roles of science fair escapades and nightly parties. Getting back to their wholesome roots, Michael and Ellen go to a slumber party in hopes of fixing their family’s problems. Meanwhile, Kate must deal with the pressures of her upcoming wedding and remain the perfect wife while dealing with the evil intentions of her brother Michael (voiced by Jason Priestley).

The Addams family is back in the oven as Pam meets her new boyfriend, Lucas (Eddie Murphy), and gets ready to cook up a grand canyon rescue dinner. Unfortunately, the giver of the feast proves to be more than she bargained for as she siphons the family’s wealth to fulfill her dark plans. The Addams family struggles to catch up as they are evicted from the home they so desperately want. Meanwhile, Kate’s friend Deb (Sandra Oh), who wants to help her find a real estate agent, joins forces with them in an effort to save the home.

As summer begins to wind down, the Addams family is forced to come to grips with the reality that it is officially wintertime. Will the team finally reach the final resting place of Grand Canyon voodoo doll Niagara Falls? Will the Addams family be able to stay warm and dry this winter? If the answer is no, will they succumb to the bitter cold of the winter?

The second installment of The Addams Family includes all the fun you would expect from a kids movie: beautiful people, funny situations, and great acting. The addition of guest stars such as Dabney Coleman, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sandra Bullock helps make The Addams Family more entertaining. The movie even includes some songs from the first family movie, namely “Grand Canyon Vacation” and “Pigs Are Friends”. The Jennifer Aniston-led Saturday Night Fever makes her feature film debut in this film as well.

If there’s one thing that The Addams Family 2 has in common with its predecessor, it’s the incorporation of technology into the story. The first film was completely shot using Steadicam and a variety of other special effects, but The Addams Family 2 trades in the Steadicam for the somewhat less expensive digital photography equipment. The result is some pretty cool special effects: bodies are melting, fireplaces exploding, and other weird things happen time again. The Addams family is also haunted by the ghost of their previous owner, played by Jason Gann. The digital footage of his last house shows the family haunting his old house and surviving through the horror of the flu and its aftermath. It’s a clever way for the director to set up the events of the second film.

While The Addams Family has a few shortcomings (namely, some poor special effects and a tendency toward long scenes that drag on too long), it’s still a good film. Viewers will no doubt be hoping that the follow-up will take the high points of the first installment and make them even better. For a family film, that shouldn’t be too difficult to do. The Addams Family is sure to return to its roots and do what it does best. Whether it’s a worthy sequel to The Addams Family or not, it’ll just prove to be another successful outing for Jennifer Aniston and her lovable cast of characters.

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