The Doggie Baths Service

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Doggie Bath House

In addition to doggie bathing service, Doggie Bath House offers pampering services including dog manicures and pedicures, along with the most comprehensive dog brushing program in the West. The goal of Doggie Bath House’s caring, compassionate and experienced staff is to create a warm, safe haven for your dog where he can relax, stretch and have fun. They will also provide you with regular scheduled grooming visits to maintain your dog’s health. During your appointments, the staff will not only give you special attention to your dog but also give you information about products used to stimulate the skin, coat and nails of your pups.

The standard process involves soaking your dog in a tub filled with warm water and possibly adding some flower fragrances to relax him. After the bath time, the dog is then groomed by hand and skin trimmed by professional pet groomers. The standard process takes about thirty minutes but can sometimes take up to one hour depending on the dog and the severity of his fur.

As part of the grooming process, the bathing and shampooing process is completed by using a specialized dog shampoo. Doggie Bath House has several dog shampoos they offer. You may choose from their specialty shampoos or those that are very comparable to other brands. The variety of choices available may include special blends of ingredients like essential oils to soothe irritated skin.

After the bath and after washing, you can let your pet dry itself with towels or in the most convenient spot. It is very important to allow your dog ample drying time to ensure that all of the excess moisture has been removed from his fur. Doggie Bath House offers a doggie dryer that can be plugged in during the dry time to ensure that your pet is properly dried. You do not want to make your dog’s coat all wavy and hang down like a hammock after the bath. If you don’t dry your dog right away, it may take hours for it to be completely dried.

Doggie Bath tubs

Doggie Bath House also offers a variety of Doggie Bath tubs to satisfy all of your bathing needs. They offer portable Doggie Bath tubs for those times when you want to bathe your dog in the privacy of your own home, and large Doggie Bath tubs that are perfect for commercial washing facilities or outside public parks. Many of the Doggie Bath tubs have a variety of features such as automatic shut-off, seat-low lift-off and seat-high lift-off. Other tubs are designed with a low, wide, rectangular tub that provides superior access to your dog and a comfortable, dry, protected place to get the grooming you need. In addition, many of the Doggie Bath tubs are equipped with a hand held shower for added comfort, as well as a power sprayer that can be used to both clean your pet and dry him off.

There are also a number of different attachments available on the Doggie Bath House line of supplies to make bathing your dog quick and easy. For example, there is the Wooden Platform Dog Bath, which makes bathing your dog a breeze by using a durable and absorbent wooden platform. There is also the steel Dog Bath, which uses no water but requires a minimum amount of detergent to clean and disinfect your dog. The last, and most convenient is the Tuff Tonneau Dog Bath, which provides superior ventilation to keep your dog relaxed and clean in the tub.

All Doggie Baths are made with the finest quality materials to ensure your pet’s safety and health. They come in a variety of colors, and can be custom fit for your doggie. The manufacturers of Doggie Bath House understand that providing your canine companion with a comfortable, healthy, and safe place to bathe goes beyond good pet nutrition. They know that bathing is a necessary part of a doggie’s life, and should be an enjoyable, therapeutic experience. That is why they offer a wide array of doggie bath accessories including:

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