Things you can do to boost your self-confidence

Self-confidence is not a gift from heaven, we are the artisans. Similarly, we have built a chronic or temporary lack of confidence following an unfortunate event or unfortunate behavior on the part of others.however, it is not inevitable, so let’s take out our trowels and hammers: Martine Teillac, the psychoanalyst, gives us three keys to strengthen the foundations of our trust in ourselves.

Define self-confidence

8, 75% of people lack confidence in themselves. Who has never felt uncomfortable with a given situation, most often without daring to say it and whose professional projects have been hindered?
A deficit, even a minor one, of self-confidence can turn some actions into energy-consuming trials: talk about yourself in a job interview, convince a potential partner, take your phone, build or interact with your network, etc… And there is no universal scale of actions difficult to lead or not: the feeling of discomfort will be lodged where lack of confidence is expressed, which is very variable depending on the people. So needless to say “There’s nothing to be scared of”to an anxious person to have a job interview because the reason has nothing to do with it.
The consequences of lack of insurance
The discomfort that results from the lack of confidence can generate a reluctant relational clumsiness:
-Behavior hesitant, begging, victimization
-Devaluation of the skills
-Conversely: overvaluation, arrogance etc.
-Karpman Triangle and job search
In short, the lack of self-confidence can lead to failure strategies and procrastination.

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