This incredible and easy Technique to make curls

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Finding THE right technique to achieve curls can be a real headache! On social networks, some Internet users seem to have found the miracle solution: we explain everything!

It is the beauty trick which makes the buzz at the moment. On social networks, many are those who test this technique to achieve beautiful curls very easily. For this you will only need … a bathrobe belt. Follow the guide!

Why curling hair can weaken it?

Curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers, curlers… Creating curls or even a wavy effect can be long, tiring and not always effective. For the slackers of the hairstyle, an easy, effective technique and without damage for the hair cartoon on the Internet: the method of curling thanks to a belt of bathrobe This home-made trick and especially without extreme heat does not burn or damage the hair. A know-how offering a resplendent and natural result.

How to curl your hair with a simple bathrobe belt?

To get the hairstyle of your dreams: nothing could be easier. Use the belt of your bathrobe after your shower. With slightly damp hair and a well-defined parting, place the belt on your head and secure it with clips. Separate your hair into two sections. On each side, wrap your hair strand by strand around the belt like in the video below!

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