What are the physical criteria to become a model?

Written by Milabro

In any case, it is necessary to answer exact physical criteria. A model must have a considerable size, very big; to measure between 1,73 m and 1,80 m, it is ideal. Because below this size, the clothes fall less well, and the girl makes, therefore, fewer shoots.

Physical criteria, measurements and profile

But being tall is not enough. You also have to be thin. Not necessarily ultra-thin, because there are different categories of models, but you have to be fit, muscular, athletic and have a good body. In other agencies, all the models are destined for international fashion, which tightens the selection criteria. They do not pass in casting girls measure at least 1.73 m, the ideal size to parade being 1.77 m or 1.78 m, and make a size 36. Not given to everyone. Some girls who do not correspond to these ideal measurements still manage to break through, but they must comply with other requirements. A girl of 1m69 m, with a small size but very fine, can be well located by an agency; the proportions must be the same. A coach can help the girl to lose weight not to have the expected morphology. This is a prerequisite to be at the top before presenting herself to clients.

Misconceptions about models

A girl measuring 1m62, who had the dream to become a lingerie model, can well realize her dream if she has some perseverance and luck is on her side. She seems to be badly started to make a career because of her size. But she seduced by her determination, her generosity and her character. The worst thing you can do is not take advantage of your opportunities. There is a misconception about models, the idea that a girl has to be at least 5’7″, have had a breast augmentation, and a boy 5’8″ and muscular like a bodybuilder to be a model. But this is not true.

Diversity in modelling

If you look at the hundreds of ads on TV, the different ads in magazines, the billboards, you will see as many different personalities as commercials. And remarkably, as the cultural diversity of the population becomes more and more varied, the demand for models who represent different groups of the population becomes more and more critical.

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