What is canada immigration?

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Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration is a procedure involving immigration into Canada from foreign countries. Many countries outside Canada desire their own citizens to immigrate to Canada is one way to do so. Immigrants to Canada have to go through a process to ensure that they will comply with Canadian laws and can also adjust to life in Canada. Immigrants also choose between immigrating as a group or as an individual. There are many channels through which an immigrant may immigrate into Canada. However, immigrating individually as a Canadian citizen requires certain rules and documentation.

Immigration, Detained Persons and Immigration Canada is the federal government department responsible for issues dealing with immigration into Canada, including refugees, immigrants, and Canadian citizens. The department was set up in 1994 after a reorganization of the Canada Revenue Agency. The Department of Citizenship and Immigration services provide people immigrating to Canada with information on obtaining a Canadian passport, registration as a visitor, registration as a worker, and registration as a citizen. The Department also provides information on filing employment insurance, registration of permanent residence, and related materials. These services are available free of charge and require applications to be submitted to them.


Many organizations also provide immigration services to immigrants and those thinking about becoming a member of the immigrant community in Canada. These organizations provide educational information on immigration and Canadian citizenship and help persons obtain necessary documents. Some organizations also offer representation in the United States to immigrants who would like to migrate to Canada. Immigrant organizations in Canada may provide information on obtaining settlement and permanent residence in Canada. They may also provide advice on the application process and filing immigration forms.

Canadian Immigration may be difficult, especially for those not familiar with the requirements. It is best to be familiar with the system and understand its workings before applying. Immigrants can obtain helpful information from the Canada Immigration website and other related resources. Some organizations offer free seminars and information sessions that may help prospective immigrants obtain the documentation and advice they need.

Canadian residents

By law, all Canadian residents must apply for immigration and obtain a visa if needed. There are different levels of immigration and eligibility for different applicants. The Federal Economic Development Canada (FCDC) website contains relevant information on eligibility, filing of applications, processing of visa applications, removal of visas once obtained and other immigration-related information. Applicants may obtain the relevant information at the FDD website or any office of Immigration, Federal Economic Development Canada or the Canadian Immigration Services centre. By law, applicants must wait for up to 30 days after the date of application before filing their visa applications.

The Federal government requires all eligible applicants for immigration to submit their documents by the applicable deadline. These documents include application confirmation sheets, application packages, sponsorship certificates, travel itinerary and documents confirming employment history. Applicants may also hand in their relevant documents to the processing office either in person or by mail. The processing of documents usually takes two to three weeks.

Once the documents are received, an applicant can apply for an immigrant visa at the nearest Royal Canadian Immigration office or any external agency that provides immigration services. Depending on the status of his or her visa, applicants may have to stay in Canada for a year or longer. After one year, they may apply for an extension to the status. Applicants who have family ties in Canada may be eligible for an unlimited period of immigration into Canada.

Fast processig of applications

There are several options available to ensure easy and fast processing of applications. Immigrants may choose to visit an agent for immediate processing or they may choose to fill out an online application. The main aim of an online application is to save time. Alternatively, candidates can select an agent and leave their personal details with them. On completion of an application, it is advised to read the details carefully and check whether it contains all the requirements required. It is also important to check whether the agent is authorized by the government to process an immigration status application.

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