What Is Motivation At Work



Motivation defined as the psychological process responsible for triggering, maintaining or terminating conduct. It is, in a way, the force that drives you to act and think in one way or another. Thus, the use of the concept of motivation is particularly useful to understand the cognitions and behaviors in many fields of human activity: education, work, health.

What is Motivation at work?

So What are the sources of motivation in business?

at work, motivation tends to be as the set of elements that allow an individual to adopt an effective behavior in business, the motivation then engaging in a total, voluntary and natural way to realize different tasks. The real challenge of the business world, alongside other more or less close concepts such as personal fulfillment at work, motivating employees will be effective for the company, and therefore in its growth.

Being motivated is difficult! this process is a complex phenomenon. Many investigations have shown several factors that could be an origin.
Demotivation compared to other concepts such as malaise, stress … It has become a priority problem to resolve quickly.
demotivation linked to many factors such as lack of recognition, inappropriate working conditions, uninteresting goals or lack of communication.

Does your motivation decrease, increase or remain stable? Most interviewees indicated that it was only decreasing.

Many Business owners think that the main source of motivation for their employees is compensation which is not always true. it’s important but in fact not the main motivating factor for employees. Far removed from the generally accepted ideas about motivation, the number of wages in mind, we find some motivational criteria such as:

To be able to learn and develop skills

Employees, when they love what they do, are more motivated. understanding the issues, and learn more each day. It is also important when they develop their skills and express their wishes for change.

The Autonomy and responsibilities

The autonomy for employees represents the recognition of their responsibilities, their importance in the company and the opportunity to be creative. Employees who have autonomy organize their work as they see fit. autonomy means employees are allowed to set their own schedules. In addition, the responsibilities given to employees are a sign of employer confidence. Employees who feel valued in the company have the desire to moving forward on a daily basis.

The Communication

This is a very important element in the motivation process. The manager who communicates with his teams brings a clear vision of the company. Communication must be done at three levels:

Daily Basis through operational exchanges.

Medium Term (organization, future projects of the company).

Long Term (overall strategy of the company).

The communication must be (from the manager to the teams) and rising (from the employees to their superiors).

The gratitude

the gratitude is one Among the motivating factors, recognition at work makes the employees more motivated. Managers should not hesitate to congratulate them when they achieve good results.

The Working conditions

Motivation is linked to working conditions and working environment. When they feel good, they develop their sense of belonging to the company.
Finally, relationships between managers and teams and between employees themselves play a very important role in motivation at work.