What is Spanish Chorizo? Fresh, Mild, and Easy to Cook Mexican Dishes

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What is chorizo? Many of you have probably heard of this oily fried pork and cheese pastamacy, but what is it? It’s a form of pork sausage originated in the Iberian Peninsula, also known as the “Old World.” It can vary depending on region, but for the most part it is typically thick and rich with a slightly salty flavor.

What Is Chorizo

There are several versions of what is chorizo, but the basic ingredients are seasoned pork shoulder or flank, and a variety of different peppers and herbs. Sometimes it uses other meats besides pork, but this is the core product. Sometimes the mixture is made from different cuts of beef or chicken as well, but this is considered an “all meat” product, meaning it can be made from whatever is available. The Spanish call this “chorizo” or even “chorocado” due to the large amounts of vegetables used. The actual name is more likely to be “chorizo” given to a specific region, town, or city, such as in Mexico, rather than a generic term for any type of cured meats.

Chorizo Popular Brand Names

There are many places that make this traditional Mexican cured and smoked pork and cheese pastrami sausage. Dishes can be found all over the United States and throughout Mexico. Some of the more popular brand names are Buena Vista, Colby, Farley, Jardines, and the aforementioned Meats of the Gods. If you do a search online, you will find the chorizo made by these brands just about anywhere. Even Walmart sells some, albeit in limited quantities.

So what is chorizo anyway? Well, the word derives from the Spanish “charqui” which means dried fat. This dried fat makes the filling in this type of food crispy and flavorful. Chorizo can be used in a number of different ways depending on the brand you buy. Many people use it as a casserole with refried beans and vegetables, but it can also be added to stews, chili, or even fish.

Chorizo goes well with breakfast chorizo and brunch sausages as well. In fact, many American companies now produce breakfast chorizo that is made with eggs. Most companies add the necessary spices and dried chile along with the eggs. You can then cook the chorizo on top of the eggs and serve it as an omelet.

Basic ingredients

You can also cook what is Spanish chorizo and Mexican chorizo completely differently. The differences are more subtle but they can still create a great deal of difference in the final dish. Most people will simply substitute the meat for the usual ingredients found in a traditional salsa or other kind of salsa. In most cases the basic ingredients for the casserole and the sausage will still be the same. You can alter what is Spanish chorizo for instance by making it spicier by adding more spices to it, or even by reducing the amount of salt it has.

What is Spanish chorizo?

What is Spanish chorizo for example? It can be used in a skillet with pork sausage and eggs to make a wonderful, healthy breakfast food. It can be used as a filling for tacos, or on its own as a delicious and wholesome snack food. It can even be cooked like regular pork sausage and then served on its own. There are so many ways that you can cook what is Spanish chorizo that you might never have to go back to the store for another packet of the stuff.

Some people prefer to buy what is Spanish chorizo already prepared and to use it in their recipes. This kind of preparation is often called poquila chorizo, or barbeque in Spanish. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use your imagination and come up with some original creations of your own. For example you might want to try making a chimichanga, a spicy beef stew, a pulled pork dish, or a Mexican chili recipe. You could use what is Spanish chorizo for these kinds of recipes.

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