What is squid game?

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This new series of squid game Netflix is based on the successful live action TV show of the same title which became very popular in the north east Asia and other parts of Asia. This new series is being written and produced by the popular english author, Kim Seong-yeol. The TV show which started out as a small cable TV program on SBS in the year 2021 has become one of the most watched shows on television today.

It’s been reported that Netflix acquired the rights to air this new series around the globe in hundreds of different countries. So far, The Squid’s game has been sold out in many countries. The number of total viewers has reached up to over 100 million viewers. When compared to other Netflix Original Movies and TV series, The Squid’s Game has proven to be one of the best picture and cartoon rentals of all time. Here are a few reasons why:

The Squid’s game has become a huge success mainly due to its unique story line and the exciting gaming system which allows its viewers to have an endless entertainment while watching their favorite videos and games. Its popularity was further enhanced when it was given a perfect rating by Metacritic. This means that The Squid’s game has received positive reviews from both its loyal viewers and reviewers. And people have been continuously buying the franchise for streaming tv online. So money heist is not a big issue here.

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