What is the Squid Game Challenge?

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What is the Squid Game?

The Squid Game has been a viral hit for Netflix as well as several other web sites. It is now up to the participants to send in their best video clips as a way of trying to win an exclusive grand prize. It is a silly game but also a clever marketing campaign for Netflix and the company’s interest in social media and Internet usage trends. “The Squid Game” is truly more than just an online hit for Netflix it is also the web’s best newest show. “It is only been out for 9 days, and it is a good chance that it will be the biggest show ever,” Sarandsos stated recently.

Squid Game Challenges

One of the challenges is to make a video with some text, but using the English subtitles. Many netizens were able to do that by using the Twitter and Facebook applications to translate the tweets. The biggest challenge was to figure out how to read the tweets in the native language of both Canada and the United States. There were some redditors who were able to use the netflix site to translate the tweets.


The second round of the competition starts with the netizens in two teams. Each team receives four minutes of buzz while the other team gets two minutes. After the time expires the teams switch positions. The goal of the game is to wear the red light Squid suit, which resembles a squid, for a longer time than the other team. The other costume that looks like a star is the green light suit, which looks like a starfish. Both of these costumes will have the netizens in trouble as they try to outrun the other team.

Squid Game Account

The game has an official Twitter account, which has already become one of the most popular micro blogging platforms around. The account has received over 47 million downloads in just a few weeks. Some netizens have been tweeting about the new game, netflix app and the Squid Game Challenge since the launch of its existence. A lot of people have also been sharing their funny netflix Memes about the app and the game, which can really become viral.

Ways To Win The Competition

One of the possible ways of winning the competition is by using some Korean baking soda and topping the cake with it. This will help the cake to have a strong taste of squid, which is one of the ingredients of the game. The winning contestant will also get to enjoy free gifts that are related to the theme of the competition. Some of these gifts include kimchi, mando, ginseng, bubble wrap and many others.

The game is now being hosted by iLove All Life TV, which is a well-known network in Korea. This is one of the biggest challenges that has been seen so far in Korean reality shows, which has become one of the most popular shows in the country. The show has already become successful not only with its popularity but also due to the interesting theme that is being hosted by Kim Tae Hee. Some of the guests that have been seen on the show include Kim Tae Hee, Oh Hae Hee, Kim Min Hee and several others. Judging from the feedbacks that the internet users have given, what is the Squid Game Challenge is doing very well and is going to be getting more air time in the near future.

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