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It was an interesting day at the Emmys this year when Best Picture was brought up when voting for the sci-fi category. In the episode that was airing, host Chris Wallace turned to a familiar voice to ask the presenter, “People love the classics, but what about the new stuff?” Well that voice belongs to none other than Peter Cullen as the sarcastic, wise cracking sarcastic man of the show, Finnegansaurus. Peter Cullen is best known for playing the wacky lawyer in the Harry Potter series, but he has also found his way into other genres of science fiction like the Twilight series and the New York Times bestseller, A Time to Kill.

One of the best shows of 2021

One of the best shows of 2021, I must say, was Fearless. Yes, the TV show takes us back to the early ’60s with a different time period (airing on FX). However, it is not a bad watch and certainly relives old memories for me. The story follows a young man from Texas going to California to get his friend released from a mental hospital. The two friends become stranded in a desert after their car breaks down and they are forced to live by themselves.

Second season to air on FX

The series was canceled after one season due to low ratings but thankfully it was revived for a second season to air on FX. The new show once again follows a pair of friends in a long road trip. It is well paced and the acting is very good too. John Ratzenberger plays the role of the smart but slightly crazy father, while Jason Lee plays the tight-lipped but loving son.

The upcoming releases of the movies and shows featuring the great Peter Cullen will no doubt be great box office hits. I am thinking of the Jurassic Park and the upcoming Harry Potter movie. The first Jurassic Park had a better opening than the second one, but that was just a fluke. They have managed to make the dinosaurs entertaining too. The opening of the third film will surely be bigger than the opening of any previous movie. The reviews have been good as well.

Twilight series

One movie that comes to mind immediately is the Twilight series. The first movie was amazing and the second was even better. The newest movie is also going to be very popular. The New Moon cast includes Jennifer Aniston, Michael Sheen, Edward Herrmann, Matt Damon, and Ben Kingsley. They have made quite the name for themselves already.

the Hunger Games movie franchise

We recently saw the premiere of the first part of the Hunger Games movie franchise. Katniss Everdeen has decided to join the fight against the Games. The first half of the series has been very well written and directed by Jennifer Lawrence.

Last but not least in his massive list of movies and TV shows are the Lord of the Rings series. The trilogy starts with the release of the Fellowship of the Ring. The most recent installment The Ring turns into something of a classic. It introduces a new character as well as a whole new set of fans. This has certainly been a big hit for Peter Jackson.

Movies and TV shows lined up

He also has several other movies and TV shows lined up. Some of these will be in HD while others will be available in less expensive HD. You may have already seen parts of this series on the big screen, but you are going to find out more. The trailers show some impressive action as well as some intense battle scenes.

The third part of the trilogy

We also recently saw the release of the third part of the trilogy, The Return of the King. This is also directed by Peter Jackson and follows the story much like the first two films. Though there is a lot more excitement about this movie it will definitely be competing with the earlier films in the series. One of the most exciting things for fans of the series is that they will finally meet their beloved Borat. Of course, there are many other memorable characters such as Snagglepuss, President Snow and President Obama.

For many people, the biggest disappointment about the original series of films is that the studio didn’t make more. Since the beginning of the series the characters have grown and changed dramatically. The original plans were to have each character play a different role but they didn’t have the time to do so. However, according to reports they have started work on a new series which is more focused on the source material we have all come to know and love from the movies. The development process so far has been quite impressive and shows that they are planning some really exciting things for the future.

If you are someone who likes to watch movies and television shows that tell the stories of fantasy adventure then the Wolfhard franchise is something that you should look into. These films have managed to attract audiences of all ages. Some of the movies have managed to go on to become classics that are viewed by people of all ages. If you love the Wolfhard movies and tv shows then you can look forward to more of what he has to offer in the future. He is one of the most exciting actors to watch and you can expect more from this film series.

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