Why is Turkey Food Expensive? What You Can Do About It

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In my younger days, when I used to go with my parents on vacation, I used to wonder to myself is turkey food expensive? For the most part, the answer was yes. My family would come home from a vacation in the mountains and all of sudden we were hungry. It wasn’t that we were short on money; rather, the amount of food that we consumed on vacation was limited due to the limited amount of things that we could eat while there.

Most of our meals were pre-cooked, which meant that it was already prepared and cooked long before we arrived at home. This is one of the reasons that this type of food is typically more expensive than other types of food. In addition, we didn’t have a lot of variety, as most of our meals came in the same exact dish or at least had similar tastes. When you do bring home Chinese food for your family, for instance, there is a whole host of new dishes that you can add to the mix. However, when you go to eat turkey, it’s pretty much just one dish: ham, turkey, fresh vegetables, gravy, etc.

Another question that people often wonder to themselves when they are looking at the question, “Why is turkey food expensive?” is what you put into it. Unfortunately, there is no real fancy way to make homemade food at home any more than there is to purchase pre-packaged items. In fact, when you factor in the cost of fresh ingredients versus the cost of processed ones, making your own is usually a better idea.

One of the things that you can do is to start experimenting with new ingredients. Start with things like garlic. Many people add it to their salads. Others add it to soups and stews. You’ll find that many different flavors and textures will come out as you experiment.

You might also consider getting the whole chicken. Start by getting one part turkey and cutting up another part of the bird into thin slices. Then, cook the pieces on the top of the turkey in a crock pot. Allow them to sit for about an hour before getting ready to serve. Since they will be cooked in the slow cooker, you can refrigerate them overnight and enjoy them the next day.

When it comes to more traditional foods, you can still get gourmet varieties without breaking the bank. For instance, roast some potatoes for dinner. Not only will it keep you from having to run out to the grocery store for potato chips later on, but you can also use the leftovers to cook next time. Add some squash or sweet potatoes to your next stew. A baked potato is always welcome.

Of course, you can always order in. If you have a caterer who offers a healthy menu, why not ask them to prepare your favorite dishes on the side? This way, you get to eat more than just turkey; you can also get a new ingredient in your food that you might have been trying to avoid. Your guests will be impressed and will likely request it again.

The truth is that eating healthy does not have to cost a lot. When you consider what you could do with a few extra dollars, you will be surprised how much you can save. Why settle for unhealthy traditional foods when you can have the tastiest meals and save money at the same time? When you are looking for the answer to the question, “why is turkey food expensive?” you should consider making some changes so that you can enjoy the delicious taste of turkey instead of constantly scrounging for cheap cuts.

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