Zendaya Parents Everything We Know About?

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Who are Zendaya’s parents and their origins ?

Zendaya parents are really good support for her. Zendaya Coleman is an American actress, singer, dancer, and model born in Oakland, California. Its name means “to give thanks” in Shona, the language of Zimbabwe.since her father is both Zimbabwean and Congolese and her mother Mexican and Dutch. Coleman Zendaya has multiple origins.

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Zendaya The Beginning story

The zendaya parents support their dauther by Studied at the Oakland School of the Arts in her hometown before starting her acting career. She plays the role of Ti Moune in the musical “Once on this island”. Zendaya Coleman began her career above all as a model. She poses in particular for the American department store Macy’s and the Old Navy brand.

Zendaya’s first ever television appearance

From 2010, Zendaya appeared on her first tv show, the Disney channel’s “shake it up” at 14 years old. Zendaya Coleman plays alongside her great friend Bella Thorne in the “Shake it up” series broadcast on Disney Channel. In 2011,

What makes Zendaya a great celebrity

Zendaya Coleman was nominated for a Teen’s Choice Awards for her role in “Shake it up” as best actress in a television series. In 2012, Zendaya Coleman starred in a TV movie titled “Amiennemies” again alongside Bella Thorne. Thanks to her role in this comedy, was nominated for the Kid’s Choice Awards for Best Actress in a Comedy. Zendaya Coleman is due to release her debut album, “Don’t forget to smile” in May 2013. A few singles have already been released, including “Swag it out” and “Something to dance for”.

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